Personal Strength Training

Discover an intimate training experience at Carter Fitness, ensuring optimal coaching for your fitness journey. Our approach involves personalized strength programs written in 4-week blocks, promoting variety and preventing boredom. Each week, our clients engage in diverse set and rep schemes to enhance endurance and strength. Whether at home or in our facility during open gym hours, our guided workouts cater to your goals.

Our hands-off program simplifies your fitness commitment – just show up, work hard, and maintain an 80/20 lifestyle for swift results. Enjoy unlimited cardio classes as part of this comprehensive package.

This unique environment facilitates seamless progression and regression in your training, allowing us to craft individualized workouts for our members. With a maximum of four people per session, we offer a diverse range of exercises and programming. Elevate your fitness experience at Carter Fitness – where personalization, variety, and results converge.

Small Group Strength Training

Perfect for those seeking general fitness improvement, our program mirrors the semi-private approach with full-body lifts targeting key muscle groups. Enjoy the motivation of a community workout, supported by our coaches. With expert guidance, we ensure proper lift execution, even in larger groups. Our 4-week strength programs, rotated for variety, prevent stagnation. Each week, diverse set and rep schemes enhance endurance and strength. Whether at home or in our facility during open gym hours, our guided workouts ensure your success. Elevate your fitness journey with our dynamic, coached classes at Carter Fitness.

Metabolic Fat Burning Sessions

Join our 30-minute fat-burning class at Carter Fitness, a high-intensity cardio experience crafted to boost daily fat burning. Suitable for all fitness levels, we offer progressions and regressions to accommodate diverse abilities. Our dynamic programming incorporates full-body workouts using dumbbells, kettlebells, sleds, med balls, ski ergs, self-propelled treadmills, and more. Expect variety and challenge in every class, ensuring a unique and effective workout each time. Ignite your metabolism and achieve your fitness goals with our invigorating fat-burning sessions.

Open Gym membership

Unlock exclusive access to our state-of-the-art facility during off-peak hours with this unique offer at Carter Fitness. Boasting over 9,000 sq ft of premium equipment, including 16 Hammer Strength machines, 9 pull-up bars, dumbbells up to 100 lbs, 15 barbells, and much more, our space caters to fitness enthusiasts seeking a less crowded, commercial gym experience.

Indulge in a workout haven with 4 yoke squat bars, 4 multi-grip bench press bars, a multi-station cable system, and a variety of other high-quality equipment. As a bonus, enjoy pre-programmed workouts through our app, covering upper and lower body lifts, core exercises, cardio routines, and even travel workouts. Elevate your fitness experience at Carter Fitness – where exclusivity meets excellence.

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