Certified nutrition coach and personal trainer in Mundelein IL

Jimmy Carter


Meet Jimmy Carter, the passionate owner of Carter Fitness. With a love for transforming lives, Jimmy is dedicated to creating impactful change through engaging strength programming and unwavering accountability in personal training. His commitment to making fitness fun and accessible resonates in every aspect of Carter Fitness. Join Jimmy on the journey to a healthier, stronger you – where transformation meets enjoyment.

Certified personal training and weight loss director in Mundelein IL

Maria Carter


Introducing Maria Carter, a dedicated personal trainer at Carter Fitness, on a mission to empower individuals to transform their lives through personalized training, insightful nutrition discussions, and steadfast accountability. Maria, who joined Carter Fitness in January 2023 and holds a degree from the University of Cincinnati, has always had a love for fitness and helping people push beyond their comfort zones. Specializing in her favorite lifting movements—reverse lunges and sled pushes—Maria is committed to fostering positive change, ensuring clients not only reach their fitness goals but also cultivate lasting wellness. Outside of the gym, she finds joy in spending time with her two nephews and staying active outdoors. Join Maria on the path to a healthier, more vibrant life, where guidance meets results at Carter Fitness.

Certified personal training and weight loss director in Mundelein IL
Dorothy Such one of Mundelein IL best personal trainers

Greg Fetter


Greg Fetter, a seasoned personal trainer at Carter Fitness in Cincinnati, Ohio, joined the team in July 2023. Holding a degree from the University of Dayton, Greg boasts seven years of experience in the fitness industry and a genuine passion for promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. Beyond the gym, he finds joy in activities such as golfing, spending time with friends and family, and savoring a good glass of bourbon. Committed to fostering client success, Greg specializes in muscle building, tailored workouts, and an active, healthy lifestyle. Through personalized training programs and unwavering motivational support, Greg is dedicated to guiding individuals on a transformative journey toward a stronger, healthier, and happier self.

Nick Weidner one of Mundelein IL best fitness trainers

Nick Weidner


Hello, my name is Nick and I am so excited to get to know you and help you start your health and fitness journey. I love seeing people reach their goals and achieve new milestones, so I will always be encouraging you to challenge yourself in the gym. One of my mottos is “You get out what you put in”, so I push to give my best efforts in everything, and encourage you to do the same.

My love for fitness grew from my background in sports. I played soccer and baseball for almost my whole life. This grew into a passion for athletic training and fitness overall and led me to pursue a degree in Kinesiology, which I received in 2019. I love all things sports, so I could talk about them all day, and I also love to play them whenever I get the chance. I look forward to meeting and guiding you and look forward to seeing you reach your goals.

Nick Weidner one of Mundelein IL best fitness trainers

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