Carter Fitness's Strong AF Group Strength Training Program

Program Highlights

Personalized Strength Training

Experience programming tailored to your specific strength training needs. Our Strong AF program focuses on full-body lifts, targeting key muscle groups to enhance overall fitness. The personalized approach ensures that every workout aligns with your fitness goals.

Coach-Led Workouts
Benefit from expert guidance with coach-led workouts. Our experienced trainers lead sessions, providing motivation, ensuring proper technique, and modifying exercises to match your fitness level. Strong AF is designed for everyday individuals seeking effective and engaging group strength training.


Technique Coaching

Our personal trainers emphasize proper technique, offering valuable insights to enhance your form and maximize results. We prioritize education, empowering you to execute lifts safely and effectively. Enjoy a supportive environment where strong is celebrated, and progress is the ultimate goal.

Community Motivation

Strong AF isn't just a program; it's a community of fitness enthusiasts supporting each other. Experience the energy and motivation of working out with like-minded individuals. Our strong community, coupled with the expertise of our coaches, ensures a positive and empowering fitness journey.

Smooth, Highly Coached Classes
Even in larger groups, we maintain a high level of coaching. Multiple coaches are present to ensure individualized attention, guiding you through challenging yet smooth workouts. We prioritize quality coaching to help you reach your fitness potential.

Women's strength training in Cincinnatie

Four-Week Programming

Our strength programs are structured in four-week blocks, preventing stagnation and boredom. Each block offers diverse sets and reps schemes, improving both endurance and strength. The variety keeps workouts exciting, and the progression ensures continuous growth.

Guidance Beyond the Gym
Take the Strong AF experience home with workouts designed for both our facility and your personal space. We provide thorough guidance on achieving results, offering support during open gym hours and beyond.

Women's strength training in Cincinnatie

Why Choose Group Strength Training at Carter Fitness?

Besides all the amazing strength training Programming & benefits, The Group Program Includes these Great Perks:

  • Unlimited Metabolic Fat Burning Sessions

  • Open Gym Access

  • Travel Workouts Designed Just For You

  • InBody Body Fat Composition Scanner Continual Use (LEARN MORE)

  • Nutrition Guidance Based on your goals

Here is what you can expect when you walk through the Carter Fitness doors

  • You will be greeted at the door, with your name, and treated as a person, not just as another number.

  • You will have a coach there to guide you on what you can expect and be there with you every step of the way to make the workouts fit for your needs.

  • You will have friendly and supportive peers there to work right alongside you and help keep you motivated and positive.

How to Know if Carter Fitness Group Strength Training is for You

  • Build strength and become lean and strong, no matter what your situation is now

  • Want a positive and fun environment to help keep you motivated

  • Have a coach to guide you on what you need to do to be successful and support you along the way

  • Have the guidance and structure to help personalize your routine to fit your fitness level


At Carter Fitness, we believe that strong is the new sexy. Join our Strong AF Group Strength Training Program and discover a fitness community committed to your success. Elevate your strength, endurance, and confidence with personalized programming and expert coaching. Your transformative fitness journey starts here!

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