Welcome to Open Gym at Carter Fitness in Cincinnati, Ohio!

Unlock the doors to a unique fitness experience with our exclusive Open Gym offer. At Carter Fitness, we open our state-of-the-art facility during our down hours, providing you with unparalleled access to over 9,000 square feet of the best fitness equipment in the city.

Why choose Open Gym at Carter Fitness?

Premium Equipment

Our facility boasts an impressive array of equipment designed to elevate your workout experience. With 16 pieces of hammer strength equipment, 9 pull-up bars, dumbbells ranging up to 100 lbs, 15 barbells, 4 yoke squat bars, 4 multi-grip bench press bars, and a multi-station cable system, we have everything you need to take your fitness journey to new heights.

Open gym training app at Carter Fitness

Customized Programming

As a bonus, our Open Gym membership includes access to a personalized fitness program through our innovative app. Whether you're into upper body lifts, lower body lifts, core workouts, cardio sessions, or even need travel-friendly workouts, we've got you covered. Our expertly crafted programs take the guesswork out of your fitness routine, guiding you toward your goals with precision and efficiency.

Open gym training app at Carter Fitness

Spacious Environment

Say goodbye to crowded commercial gyms. At Carter Fitness, you'll enjoy the luxury of ample space, ensuring a comfortable and focused workout every time you step through our doors.

For Fitness Enthusiasts

If you're a dedicated fitness enthusiast seeking a more intimate and personalized gym experience, Carter Fitness is the ideal choice. Our Open Gym membership allows you to tailor your workouts to fit your unique preferences and goals.

Open gym training app at Carter Fitness

Ready to experience fitness on your terms?

Join Open Gym at Carter Fitness in Cincinnati, Ohio, and elevate your fitness journey with unmatched equipment, a spacious environment, and personalized programming. Embrace a fitness experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Your journey to a healthier, stronger you starts here!

Open gym training at Carter Fitness



  • Cardio Section

    • 5a - 8a

    • 9a - 8p

  • Full Open Gym

    • 10a to 4p


  • Cardio Section

    • 7a - 8a

    • 9a - 8p

  • Full Open Gym

    • 10a - 8p


  • Full Open Gym

    • 7am - 8 pm


  • Full Open Gym

    • 7am - 8 pm

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