Memorial Day Meltdown Challenge

APRIL 15 - MAY 27

Spring is upon us, and before we know it, summer will be here as well! After a tough winter season, we all want to look and feel great when pool season rolls around. Do you want to fast track that summer bathing suit body? You’re in luck because Carter Fitness is bringing you the Memorial Day Meltdown!


The Memorial Day Meltdown is a 6 week accountability program designed to help you slim down BEFORE the warm weather hits! This challenge offers support and community while guiding you toward your achieving your health and fitness goals, whatever they may be!


Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. You’ll love how this challenge is designed to push your own personal limits while valuing and including TEAMWORK at the same time. Effort and consistency will be rewarded as you and your teammates fight to stay atop the leaderboard, competing against other challenge members in teams in your designated age/gender division.


You will conquer weekly physical challenges, attempt to rack up MYZONE effort points and strive for accountability with your nutrition plan as you fight to be champion.



✴     6 week TEAM fitness, nutrition and lifestyle overhaul

✴     challenge begins on April 15th and ends on May 27th

✴     teams of 3 are required for participation in this challenge

✴     this is a points based challenge > you will earn points by losing or maintaining your weight over the 6 weeks, completing weekly physical challenges and accumulating MYZONE points > please see attached sheet for scoring and list of physical challenges

✴     FEE: members $50 (entry fee) + $49 if you want to add on UNLIMITED FIT AF classes during the challenge (optional)

non members $149 (includes entry fee & UNLIMITED FIT AF classes for the challenge)

✴     $15 from each entry fee goes to a split the pot prize between the top teams

✴     you must have a MYZONE belt to participate in this challenge > please contact to order yours for $69

✴     HOW TO ENTER: Register between April 1st -12th by emailing If you are a non Carter Fitness member please include your full name and best phone number.



Success start orientation and functional movement screen

if you’re new to Carter Fitness, you can attend a success start orientation to start your challenge off on the right foot. this includes a functional movement screen which is designed to discover and identify any limitations in your mobility and stability patterns that might affect the way you move during exercise AND your daily activities


Free inbody 270 testing at beginning and end of challenge

revolutionize your results with our award-winning BIA body composition analyzer, the InBody270. The InBody 270 measures your body composition and displays it on an organized, easy-to-understand results sheet, which gives you a detailed analysis of where your fat and muscles are, where your body water levels are at and is a guide to help you achieve your goals: whether that is shedding a few unwanted pounds or a complete body transformation. You must complete your initial InBody270 assessment between April 8th - April 14th.


Nutritional guide, grocery shopping lists and meal planning templates

one of the most crucial factors to your success during this challenge and after is nutrition. we will educate you on best practices and help you build the foundation for long term, sustainable habits. no gimmicks or quick fixes! Please note, YOU will choose what you eat based off of your own personal preferences. We will guide you on portion sizes and meal/food pairings to set you up for success!


Facebook accountability group

nutrition and lifestyle coaching will be available to you throughout the challenge via private Facebook group


Judgment free and supportive community

our members maintain their motivation to keep up their healthy lifestyles with the support of our like-minded community. Camaraderie and support are essential when pursuing a healthy lifestyle, we promise you’ll find it here.


CarterFit Coaches are 100% invested in your success

the Carter Fitness team is committed to continuous improvement through education and personal development. We are the premiere fitness coaching staff in Cincinnati, and we are available 24/7 to help you in pursuit of your goals



Memorial Day Meltdown divisions

In an effort to make this challenge as fair as possible to all participants, we will have four divisions:

✴     women under 45

✴     women 45+

✴     men under 45

✴     men over 45+

Memorial Day Meltdown MYZONE points

MYZONE points (MEPs) will help monitor overall consistency and effort. Points will be tracked and scored weekly. The goal is to help encourage consistency with your exercise routine throughout the challenge: you can accumulate points with workouts both inside and outside of the gym!


Memorial Day Meltdown weekly physical challenge list

you will complete a physical challenge each week of the Memorial Day Meltdown challenge. You will have ONE chance to complete each challenge. *If you are going on vacation for an entire week, you MUST complete the event prior to the week you are going to be absent. No challenges will be made up in following weeks.



Week 1

heavy sled challenge (push rogue sled down the turf 1x) just down


Week 2

multi grip bench press - as many reps as possible

Men – 80% of BW

Women – 50% of BW


Week 3

endurance sled push challenge (get as many lengths as you can in 2 min)

Men – 145lbs.

Women – 100lbs.


Week 4

airdyne bike challenge - as many calories as possible in 1 min


Week 5

conditioning/strength circuit for time:

goblet squat x20 (men - 40lbs. women - 25lbs.)

ski erg 200 meters

medball slams x20 (men - 30lbs. women - 20lbs.)


Week 6

treadmill 1 mile for time


Memorial Day meltdown scoring

points will be calculated and posted weekly based on the MYZONE activity points and physical challenge standings. The points for maintaining and/or losing body weight/body fat will be calculated at the end of the final week. Winners will be announced May 28th. 


                  Weekly physical challenge

            1st place - 15 points

                  2nd place - 10 points

                  3rd place - 5 points


                  Myzone activity points (only red, yellow and green zones count toward weekly total)

            1st place - 15 points

                  2nd place -10 points

                  3rd place - 5 points


                  Bonus points

Make 1 social media post about our facility or check in on social media – 3 points

5 workouts a week using the MYZONE belt – 3 points

Submit a testimonial at the end of the challenge - 10 points

Submit before and after pictures – 15 points (can’t be combined with testimonial points)